About Sue Schwartz


After learning my trade in the antique markets of Chelsea,I spent 6 years as an Antique Jewellery buyer for Harrods Fine Art in the 1970's. For the last 25 years, I have lived in rural Devon with my husband.

I successfully developed a career as a ceramist specializing in animal sculpture and dinner -ware spanning the 1980’s & 90’s  Then I found that after a period of health problems in the early 2000’s I really did not have the physical strength to continue with intensive  ‘clay work’ and so I had to find something else to fill the gap

Since I was a child, I have always collected glass from the beach and again turned my mind to how these beautiful beads of nature could be incorporated into pieces of unique jewellery. I made, and still make necklaces from ‘sea glass’, but became aware that really ancient beads, from the ancient civilisations were available. I was hooked! and it is this passion coupled with my increasing knowledge of ancient beads and artifacts that has lead me to explore the technical, practical and aesthetic concerns that have lead to this unique collection Every necklace I make is an individual, no two are exactly alike

"I want my jewellery to be wearable and contemporary but at the same time be in sympathy with the age and history of the beads. When designing and assembling these necklaces I keep in mind the feeling of excitement that comes over me from wearing these artifacts, some of which are generations old and have probably not been worn for thousands of years."