Ancient 2.

Ancient 2

A Bactrian seal stone amulet with an animal incised on both sides ( sold to me as a dog, but it looks more like a big cat to me!!) 600 - 400 BC


Bactrian striped agates  date from 600-300BC  they are so tactile, like satin,


22 ct gold Sassanian small 'flower' spacer beads

Sumerian black stone tubular beads (circa 3000 BC).


Ancient Rock Crystal beads are from Libya, around a Roman area called Apolonia just outside of Derna, which is between Tobruk and Benghazi.  The dig is at a site dated at 100-400AD, but these beads could be much earlier, and traded to the Romans at Apolonia, They are worn and pitted and all the more beautiful for that!!

length: 50 cms


Clasp: Modern. Vermiel ( gold plated sterling silver)