The age of these beads makes me tingle!! The Quadruple spiral Marlik 22 ct gold,  beads are approx 1000BC , this design originated in Sumer or Iran about 3000BC and continued for the next 2000 years ( You can see examples in Louise Sherr-Dubins book The History of beads )

The central Ancient Rock Crystal bead is from Libya, around a Roman area called Apolonia just outside of Derna, which is between Tobruk and Benghazi.  The dig is at a site dated at 100-400AD, but this bead could be much earlier, and traded to the Romans at Apolonia, It is worn and pitted and all the more beautiful for that!!

I threaded them with Sumerian black stone tubular beads 3000BC and

Bactrian ellipsoid 22 ct gold beads,( 400-200 BC ) interspersed are four etched carnelians  which are hard to date having been produced from 3000BC to 700AD, these are early and almost certainly BC

Clasp: Modern. Vermiel ( gold plated sterling silver)



Etched Carnelian

Quadruple spiral Marlik

22ct gold

Sumerian stone 3000BC

Bactrian 22ct gold


Ancient Rock crystal bead

(see below)

etched carnelians